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The World Of British Hunter Boats
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Length overall 20' 2"

Length waterline 20' 0"

Beam 8' 2"

Draught 4' 2" on the Lf
             3’9” on the DB
              When down
              8” when razed
              2’3” on the TF
Displacement 948 kg
Sail Area 201 Ft  .
Why I Bought a Hunter 20 S
Prices from £26,437.00 
Yacht Range 20 sport
Hunter 20 Sport
Combining stunning speed for her size, together with safety and comfort, the 20 Sport is offered with three keel configuration options; the twin fin keel (TF), a single lifting fin (LF), or the leeboard version (TD).  She achieves more room below than many larger sport boats with the blister coach roof giving adequate room to sleep two + two.
Achieving either category C or D status she has all the British Hunter attributes of high standard of build, ease of handling, and a sailing performance combined with many new features to appeal to sailors of all levels.
The David Thomas designed Hunter 20 Sport adds a different dimension to fast cruising and racing and will appeal to all ages. She is affordable and cost effective to run, fun to sail, and can be trailed behind a large family car.
Built to an uncompromisingly high standard throughout, the layout and personality the boat will achieve during her build is defined by the owner and us at every stage.  Each boat leaves our yard reflecting the pride we take in the work we do.  Whatever the owner requirements are, we at British Hunter are happy to help.

The British Hunter 20 Sport lifting fin and leeboard versions have sealed buoyancy tanks and compartments filled with foam, making them almost unsinkable. The high ballast ratio ensures full self righting capability if knocked down.  The hull form produces inherent stability, which combined with any of the three keel configurations gives her an angle of vanishing stability of 121 degrees in a brilliant little package.


All three keel configurations have the stability of a larger fin keeler.  The lifting fin and leeboard versions only draw 8 inches with their easily lifted dagger boards up and 4 foot 2 inches when down.  These two versions of the Mini C will take the ground without any fuss due to the cleverly designed flat chined hull, whilst the twin fin version which draws only 2 foot 3 inches will happily stand on her keels.  
The Hunter 20 Sport provides a solution for those looking for a fast, safe, self-righting day sailer, and also for those wishing to trade down to a smaller yacht with speed and good handling to match.  If you are looking to liven things a up bit or even take part in the odd club race then you can add the asymmetric spinnaker pack and many other sport features giving you all you could expect in a sports boat.
With her large cockpit and transom hung outboard the 20 Sport affords plenty of room for all your friends and family, and stands out as an affordable safe option for weekend and day sailing.